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Issue 48

Would you? Could you? And should you? Are my three questions for this issue. I’m referring of course to Nathan Hill’s article about Barry Cranwell’s system in which a clarion angel features.

As most aquarists will know this is a rare fish and an expensive one.

So that my first question: would you spend thousands of your hard-earned on a fish? I suppose it’s relative, my most expensive specimen cost £150, which is probably more than I paid for my first ever tropical tank all those years ago.

The ‘could you’ question is perhaps irrelevant for some. Personally I couldn’t spend that much, not just because I don’t have it, but if my significant other found out then I’d be sleeping in the car for a month. For some folks they can and that’s the end of it.

Lastly though, the question of ‘should’ needs to be addressed. Clarions are expensive, because they are rare and perhaps desirable, at least to some, because they are so very expensive. So a personal plea from me to everyone considering purchasing rare fish: do please look after them and perhaps ask yourself the ‘should you’ question, please don’t make an already rare species a little rarer.

Richard Aspinall

Latest issue cover picture Included in the Latest Issue:

  • Review: AquaRay SmartControl from TMC - RichardAspinall takes a good look at this brand new smart controller from TMC.
  • For the Love of an Angel - Nathan Hill looks at Barry Cranwell’s latest system.
  • Kissing Your Reef Goodbye - John Clipperton shows us how to go on holiday and come back to a healthy aquarium.
  • An Introduction to Jellyfish - Alan Adler from Glass Ocean UK introduces us to jellyfish.
  • Fish Diseases Part : Parasites in Marine Fish - Tristan Lougher looks at parasites of marine fish.
  • Sea Urchins in the Marine Aquarium - James Fatherree gives us the low-down on why sea urchins are OK for fish aquariums but maybe not in reef tanks.
  • LFS Review: Interfish Aquatics - Richard Aspinall meets Dale Bannister of Interfish, West Yorkshire.
  • Fishes in Focus: Bristletooth Tangs of the Genus Ctenochaetus - John Clipperton focuses on the bristletooths.

And much, much more!

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I like the way the mag is put together. Stunning photography, easy to read, interesting articles that inform and educate, whilst not taking itself too seriously. A must-read magazine for aquarists of all abilities.

Dale Pritchard
Director Ecoreef UK

Ultramarine Magazine is a great way to find out what is happening in the marine aquarium hobby; for background reference as well as keen travelogues to places we hobbyists would like to visit. Ultramarine provides a forum for all the UK; with listings of specialty shops and stockists, as well as current product reviews of saltwater gear. Am very happy to be associated with the fine folks contributing content and rendering it to their readership.

Bob Fenner, USA
Aquarist and Author

Aquarium keeping is a fantastic hobby! It brings you closer to nature and helps you learn a lot about the many interactions that go on in aquatic habitats, whether it is on the coral reefs, in the Amazon River or in the Great Lakes of Africa. But as you spend a lot of money on equipment, fish, plants and invertebrates, you should spend some time reading and making yourself a theoretical platform on which you can run your tanks and maintain your livestock. UltraMarine is from my point of view the best aquarium-orientated magazine in UK today. It has a broad spectrum of articles, an excellent and modern layout, and lets you know what other aquarium enthusiasts are doing.

Alf J. Nilsen, Norway
Author of Reef Secrets

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